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It was a fine idea with only one problem. There's a photo of Trump sitting at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office where it doesn't actually look like he's working. The desk is barren, save for a coaster, a sharpie, and a phone. And Trump, who is ostensibly using the phone in the photo, really doesn't look all that engaged.

Photos: Trump 'Working' At Empty Desk In White House During Shutdown Gets Compared To Obama's Working Photos. The name of a new article shared by the White House's website is titled, "Photos of President Donald J. Trump Working in the White House During the Democrat Shutdown

He is "the man at the desk," as another president, Bush's father, liked to say. In 2008, Wolf Blitzer, on television, asked Donald Trump about House speaker Nancy Pelosi. "I'm very

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Amidst all the noise and activity on Saturday, Jan. 20, Twitter chatter was drawing attention to the president. In a thread, one user drew a comparison by sharing photos of Donald Trump's desk

President Donald Trump wanted to show the nation that he was hard at work this weekend after the government shut down over failed budget negotiations. It didn't go over very well. The White House released a photograph that showed Trump sitting at an empty desk, holding the phone at an awkward angle.