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Marshall 1936 2x12 Cabinet Musician's Friend

1936. This understated 150W, 2x12" cabinet is designed with space in mind without losing that iconic Marshall look or sound. The Celestion G12T-75 Vintage speakers deliver a softened high-end response, brilliant for higher gain tones. The 1936 can be used in mono or stereo mode, without the need to switch.

Marshall 1936 2x12 Speaker Cab, Silver - The Marshall 1936 2x12" Guitar Speaker Cab is loaded with two Celestion G12T-75 speakers leading to the classic Marshall speaker cab tone. Smooth and powerful with just a little breakup when really driven hard.

marshall 1936 150w 2x12 speaker cabinet This compact, 150 Watt unit is perfect as an extension cabinet for combos and can also support a full-sized head. Want a portable half-stack?

The JCM1936 is a superb, Celestion-loaded, closed-back 2x12 inch Marshall guitar cabinet. Surprisingly loud, the 1936 is ideal for use on stage where room, or your transportation, dictate a smaller cabinet. The 1936 has Mono/Stereo options and is great for a larger rack system.

The Marshall 1936 2x12 Cabinet has 2 - 12" Celestion G12T75 speakers to handle 150W. Size matches full-size Marshall heads. Offers mono or stereo option (eight ohms mono; sixteen ohms stereo).

Is the marshall 1922 really that bad? Discussion in 'Amps You should be able to get a 1936 2x12 for $275 - $300 which is much better. I've played both the 1922 and 1936 (my main cab for 3 years) and although the 1936 sounds much better (for my money, it sounds as good as a lot of 4x12s