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ยง 172.101 Purpose and use of hazardous materials table. (a) The Hazardous Materials Table (Table) in this section designates the materials listed therein as hazardous materials for the purpose of transportation of those materials. For each listed material, the

ups chemical table - 49 cfr version (ground and air packages) basic description for ground and air hazardous materials shipments hazardous materials descriptions and proper shipping name (also mark on package) (1) hazard class or division (subsidiary if applicable) (2) i.d. number (also mark on package) (3) packing group (4) label(s) required or

FedEx Ground Hazardous Materials Table Please refer to the Hazardous Materials Table at 49 CFR 172.101 when preparing your hazardous materials shipments. Acridine 6.1 UN2713 III POISON IB8, IP3, T1, TP33 153 213 FedEx Ground will handle these materials only when packaged according to a DOT Special permit or when packaged in

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TABLE. Table of Hazardous Materials and Special Provisions. The purpose of the table is to assign proper shipping names, class and division, and guidance for packaging and handling requirements for hazardous materials. It is important to remember to read the instructions contained in front of table 172.101 when using this

The Hazardous Materials Table, or HMT, is the backbone of the Hazardous Materials Regulations. Understanding and knowing how to use the HMT is the first step toward compliance. The Hazardous Materials Table usually referred to as the HMT or the Table, governs the transportation of hazardous materials by all modes air, water, rail and highway.

Substance information for UN 1415 - Lithium based on the Hazardous Materials Table (Title 49 CFR 172.101) to assist in preparing a risk assessment for loading, transporting and storing hazardous materials.