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Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan When your bathroom exhaust fan gets noisy, and leaves your mirrors and bathroom covered in a steamy haze, it's time to replace it. Here are the steps you'll need.

The average cost to replace an existing bathroom vent fan with a similar unit, is $70 to $110, doing it yourself. A new bathroom exhaust fan installation with a Pro, expect to pay between $235 to $300 installed.

How much will it cost to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? It will cost $85 to $125 to replace a bathroom exhaust fan. You will need to hire an electrician to wire the unit. If all he needs to do is replace the actual unit you it will be a minor project and take an hour or less. If he needs to perform minor construction for venting it will cost more. DIY-Install Bathroom Fan

The Costs. Minimum cost of bathroom exhaust fan: $15; Maximum cost of bathroom exhaust fan: $550; Motor Sone and CFM Ratings. A sone is a measurement of the noise associated with motor operation of a bathroom exhaust fan. The bathroom sone ranges from 1 to 4. A quiet fan is considered sone 2 or less.

The new Panasonic FV-11VQ5 exhaust fan more than doubled the rated air movement capacity to 110 CFM which is about equal to the master bath floor space in square feet. How to Replace a Bathroom Vent Fan and Ductwork. The steps for replacing a bathroom vent fan are: Remove the old vent fan (see below). Disconnect and remove the old 3 inch vent duct.

Even if you fan is decades old, chances are you can get a replacement motor. Although a new motor costs about the same as a new fan, a bathroom vent fan motor replacement saves time and trouble. You don't have to cut into the ceiling, crawl around your attic or get up on your roof.